Horse Riding Madrid

1 Hour Riding Experience Madrid

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1 hour Riding Experience among the Wonderful Madrid Forests.

And don't worry if you never rode a horse before, we love hosting first timers :)

No other place better in Madrid to experience rides and views like this! Our exhilarating famous ride on Madrid wilderness is just one of the memorable rides we offer at Horse Riding Madrid.
Horse Riding Madrid with Tapas

1 Hour Riding + Tapas Picnic

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Riding Experience + Deluxe Tapas Picnic: 1 hour horseback riding and a delicious Local Tapas Picnic to make the experience even better.

Taste the most typical Spanish Tapas in our special Picnic after the horse riding experience! Relax and talk about the ride while eating and drinking as a local at our Horse Riding Madrid ranch


Enjoy a trail ride in the beautiful Madrid Mountains surrounded by spectacular scenery. Your horse riding adventure will take you through the countryside. Follow the trail and enter the world of Horse Riding Madrid.

What means Horse riding in Madrid?

For us, horse riding in our mountains in Madrid, is something special, something incomparable to other feelings. Because Madrid is not only a lovely city with infinite things to do, but is also landscape and very close to the city centre.

Which types of Horse riding are there in Madrid?

You can have a relaxing ride along a wonderful landscape, but we also offer horse riding lessons

Which are the Horse Riding Madrid Basics?

There are some basic things you may need to know before horse riding in Madrid. First things first, approach your horse in a confident and calm manner, extending a hand for the horse to smell is a good option, also petting the horse gently.

After this you must learn how to mount the horse. For Mounting the horse you have to put your left foot in the stirrup from the left side and lift your right leg over, another person can also help you. Try to land softly on the seat, so you won't hurt the horse. Now hold the reins as the ride begins.

Now we are going to walk our horse, that is very easy: with both of your legs, squeeze the sides of your horse, this will make it start to move. If it doesn't work, try a bit harder. Making a clucking sound also works. Slowing down and stopping your horse is also quite easy: first of all, be sure you aren't squeezing with your legs, and then, lean very slightly back and pull the reins. You can also say "sooo" it may help sometimes stopping the horse.

For turning left, squeeze with your right leg and slightly take your left hand pulling the reins to the left, to direct him. For turning right, squeeze with your left leg and slightly take your right hand pulling the reins to the right.

Is Horseback Riding safe?

The answer is yes. To make it that way, we need the basic safety knowledge that we will show you before starting. But if you are a bit curious about it, in the next paragraph we will write some tips for you. In Horse Riding Madrid, our horses are really well trained and we choose the best horse to fit you. Horses are clever animals and they have their own personality so a good horse for a pro rider is not the same as a good one for a beginner. For example, a quite and relaxed horse would be perfect for a person that is new to horse riding, while a fast and brave would be perfect for a pro rider.

Here it goes! some safety tips for beginners:

Safety rule number one: Always wear a helmet. It is the most important thing you can wear while riding. Protecting your head is a must and we will take care you wear it.

Be sure your horse matches your horse riding skills

HorseBack Riding History

Equestrianism (Latin Equester) comes from approximately 3500 BC, amazing right? by this time we started domesticating horses to use them as transport, trade, working animals and war horses for the cavalry. Horses were brought by Spanish explorers to America with the second Columbus voyage.

What should I wear for Horse Riding Madrid?

We know that normally, clients aren't pro riders, so we won't make you buy specialized clothes for this occasion. Instead, we recommend you affordable and easy to find horse riding clothes. The best outfit for horseback riding could be:

+ Large pants (jeans works perfectly)

+ A plaid shirt (in summer it also works a tank top or a normal t-shirt)

+ Sports shoes or boots (forbidden the use of heels nor sandals)

+ Totally recommended large socks to protect our ankles from any possible friction between the horse and our skin

English riding: Tips for begginers

Do you want to start learning how to horse ride in Madrid on an English saddle? Here are some easy tips you can try to memorise before your first day:

- When in the horse always look where you want to go: Like driving a car or riding a bike, you have to focus on where you want your horse to go.

- Try to keep a firm leg if your horse is stubborn.

- Always look up, that is an important rule, sometimes try to check you are doing it right.

- Put your Heels down.

- When riding an English saddle, you will feel the horse pretty well. First of all, comes walking: sit up straight and follow your arms back and forth.

- Trotting is the next step. It is a bit faster than walking, while it is not really fast, the first time you experience it, most probably will feel fast enough for you. Remember pulling your heels as far down as possible because this will help you with balance. At the beginning, you will trot sitting down, but when you get used to the speed is time to go to the next level: Posting

- Posting up and down a bit is the clue. Smoothly, please try not to slam down onto the horse's back, it will thank you for that. Next thing to learn is diagonals, but let's leave that for a next level course.

- Next step would be Cantering.Now we can talk it's pretty fast!. Well, to reach this point you will need a couple of lessons and feel comfortable enough on the horse. To canter, take your outside leg and put it behind the girth and squeeze. When in a light canter, you have to follow pushing your arms forward to help your horse keep its balance. Lean back, look up, keep your heels down, remember this words as it is the basics to focus on. At this point, you can think why we haven't talked about leads, don't worry, we didn't forget, we will be talking about them in another Horse Riding Madrid topic.
Phisical Benefits of Horse Ride Madrid

Horse riding is a total body workout, it's a fantastic form of exercise. Due to its heart pumping effect, it also has cardiovascular benefits. With no doubt, riding will give you different muscle benefits. You will discover new muscles you never used before, amazing right? well, that doesn't end there. sooner or later, with regular exercise, you will look extremely fit and toned, and very very healthy.

Your butt and legs will look like never before! anyways, we just talked about the lower part, but the upper one also takes part, again, just being riding and keeping your balance upon the horse, benefits a huge number of muscle groups. The principal muscles used while Horse Riding Madrid are leg and pelvis ones.

Psychological benefits of Horse Riding Madrid

Horse Riding Madrid is not only exercise and fun. It has also a nature connection side. Riders get important psychological benefits such as friendship, development of respect and love for animals, increased nature experiences and enjoyment, also a strong sense of responsibility develops as the rider learns to take care of the horse and its equipment.

Exercise is becoming more important as increasing numbers of people face problems with anxiety and depression. There is a wide range of potential benefits from interactions with horses so whether motivated by sport, exercise, relaxation, or the social benefits of horse riding, it is definitely a great choice to take care of your inner self.

A short-term study conducted by New Mexico State University on the effects of Equine-assisted Psychotherapy on children who had witnessed violence in their family. These children were at risk of mental health disorders and behavioral problems. All the children in the study showed improvements in social and psychological functioning thanks to this therapy.

Spending time outdoors in nature horse riding is a great contributor to mental wellbeing. A study by the British Horse Society on the psychological effects of horse riding found that over 80% people felt considerably more cheerful, relaxed and active after 1-hour horse riding.

What to know before HorseBack Riding

Understanding your horse's thoughts: understanding your horse means you understand his routines, structures and communications. If your horse is feeling good, he will show you his joy by becoming more rideable. He will be calm but at the same time responsive. He will show his good manners, develop consistency under saddle, also increasing your relationship. If the horse feels more down, he can become less receptive, in other words, more difficult to handle, and lose overall condition.Maybe you or your instructor can help a bit to change the horse's mood and build a good relationship, even if it is for only one ride. The best way to learn horse riding is to try different horses as each one of them will teach you different things.

Is Horse Riding in Madrid a Good Exercise?

Of course, Riding is a total body workout! This experience is not only about Madrid nice views and relaxing, you will have the opportunity to do some work out while riding along the astonishing paths. The main exercise will be sitting up and down, pushing your weight up the stirrups while the horse is trotting makes you have stronger quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

Arms, legs and core (balance and stability: abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles) will work together while you use your coordination with your horse in a natural way. We could compare Horse Riding in Madrid to other sports like Yoga, Trekking, Surfing, Skiing, Snowboarding...

Robert B.

I booked a horse ride tour for my wife and I. We asked for a relaxing riding and that's what we did. Excellent horses with a great guide. The sunny day and the stunning scenery made it a great day. Thanks to all the team, see you soon!

Nicolas Hamilton

We were searching for Madrid horse riding, found this company, and we are glad we booked it with them. The team worked hard to ensure we had a great experience riding our horses. They were very nice people and helped us all the time. Easy to ride even if it is your first time.